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  • David Tyner: I have had the privilege of having Dr. Dong Wang as my neurologist over the last several months. Dr. Wang has worked tirelessly to help diagnose and treat what seemed like an invisible illness. Dr. Wang has been nothing short of empathetic and thorough. I rarely had to wait long to be seen and when I did I knew it was because he was providing the same level of in-depth care I came to expect from him. Professional and intuitively Dr. Wang was able to rule out all possible issues before giving a solid finale diagnosis That I can tell you came as a relief after months of wondering what was going on with myself. I am grateful for his demeanor in which he and his staff interacted with me.  I highly recommend Dr. Wang and his staff to anyone looking for a caring and committed neurologist.
  • Trisha Fink: Dr.Wang is a great doctor!! Very attentive to your needs and  how you feel!! Makes sure you’re in the proper treatment plan for your needs!! Everyone in his office is extremely courteous and friendly!! Highly recommend him to anyone!!
  • Latoya Harrington: Dr.Wang is a phenomenal neurologist and doctor. He listens and works well with me as a patient to achieve relief for me as a patient.He and his staff are very efficient, professional and kind . I would recommend his practice 1000 times to anyone who wants a better experience and doctor/patient relationship. Thank you so much Dr. Wang!
  • Knyckolas Psareas: Dr. Wang  is a very good doctor. My mom loves him. He treats her very well and so does his staff. He has a wonderful staff always very nice and helpful and he takes a lot of time with my mom and she loves to see him. Every minute he is served her very well in every way. Thanks Dr. Wang and your staff guys are very wonderful and helpful in every way.


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